Karaoke Room Reservation

You don't usually need a reservation except for Friday and Saturday nights although it's a good idea to call us at 206-343-6599 before coming to SBK to make sure we have a room for you.

The easiest way to reserve a room is to use the room reservation form below. Please enter the required information and submit the form. Your valid email address is required.

If you want to make a reservation by calling us at 206-343-6599 outside our business hours (before 7 pm normally), please leave a voice message with the information required in the reservation form below except your email address.

In either case, we will call you back to get your credit card number and give you confirmation if a room is available.

Your Credit Card Will Be Used Only for the Canceling Fee

Your credit card number is used for a $30.00 canceling fee. If you cancel your reservation after seven days prior to the reservation date, we'll charge $30.00 on your card. We may get authorization for $30.00 on your credit card.

Room Reservation Form

Telephone Number
Starting Time
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