You Bring Your Party to Our Karaoke Rooms

SBK Is Not a Karaoke Bar

We don't have a karaoke stage, but we have private karaoke rooms. Each karaoke room is like a living room and has its own complete karaoke system. You and your friends alone enjoy karaoke in one of our private karaoke rooms.

Bring Your Party to SBK

Please bring your own food and drinks or have them delivered to SBK if you need them. We don't serve food.

We Don't Serve Alcoholic Drinks, But You Can Bring Them with Banquet Permit

You can bring your own alcoholic if you have Banquet Permit, which is issued by Washington State Liquor Control Board. It's easy to get. You can apply for it online, and it will be emailed to you in PDF. It is currently $10.00. You'll need SBK's address and the county in which SBK is located:

Seattle's Best Karaoke/SBK
1818 Minor Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
King county

You Can Apply for Banquet Permit Online at SBK

Because our karaoke rooms have a PC with internet connection, you can apply for banquet permit at SBK. After you receive the PDF fine, you’ll forward it to We’ll print it out for you at SBK. Read more about this.

Kids Are Welcome – No Age Limit

We don't have any age limit. Anyone can come. In fact, we have had many parties for young children and teenagers. Because our karaoke rooms are private, many parents leave when their children start singing and come back later to pick them up.

Party In the Daytime

You may have your karaoke party outside our normal business hours with a prepayment. The minimum prepayment for a reservation outside our business hours is $50.00 and is not refundable. Please contact us for a reservation outside our business hours.

Rent Out SBK, From $250 Per Hour

You can use all five karaoke rooms and the lobby area for from $250.00 per hour or from $750 for 6 hours. Please see the Packages page for further information.

Easy To Use Karaoke System with Great Sound

You search songs by typing in key words (song title, artist names, show title, etc.). Our karaoke system will show you songs that you may want. You can reserve your songs under your own song lists. Then you play the song you want from your song list.

The sound in our karaoke rooms is great and loud. If you want to hear it, please stop by at SBK after 7 pm.

Download Our Song Lists

Our song lists have grown too big to print on paper. One volume of our English song book ordered by artist is currently over 280 pages long. Well, we can do, of course, but it's not economical and wasting resources. You don't need song books to run our karaoke system, but if you want to have your personal copy of our song lists, please download them at the Song Lists page. Many of our customers have our song lists on their phones.

If We Don't Have Your Favorite Songs

We want to add the songs you want to our song collection. Please email us a list of songs you want.

Sing Indian Songs Using, "The World Largest Collection of Indian Karaoke Music"

Please sign up at before you come to SBK if you want to sing Indian songs. Subscription is only $4.95 per month. With your own subscription, you can sing an unlimited number of Indian songs at home as well as at SBK.

You will play Indian karaoke songs using at SBK. You can use both our karaoke system and simultaneously.