Karaoke Room Packages

In this page in the future, we will introduce karaoke party packages that combine use of our karaoke rooms and great food delivered from great restaurants. However, as of now, we'll just show how you can use the entire space of SBK for karaoke and other purposes.

Rent Out SBK, From $200 Per Hour

You can rent out the entire space at SBK hourly for $200 per hour Sunday through Thursday unless the day you rent is the day before a holiday. On Friday, Saturday or any other date we choose, the hourly rate of renting out SBK is $300.

You can use 6 karaoke rooms A karaoke room is like a living room with a complete karaoke system, which is basically a video and audio system with a library of karaoke songs.

You also can use the lobby area. A meeting of up to 80 people can be arranged here.

Or $600 for 6 Hours

You can use it for up to 6 hours for $600 on Sunday through Thursday or $1,200 on Friday or Saturday. If you need it for longer than 6 hours, the price will be negotiable.

SBK Is Available Any Time on Any Day

With a prepaid reservation, you can use SBK outside our business hours.

Use Our Space for Non-Karaoke Use

You can also use SBK for non-karaoke purpose. The PC in each room, which is used for karaoke, is connected to internet. The video and audio system can be used for presentation.

Since our space is made for karaoke, you can be really loud here. You can play or practice musical instruments.

You may just need several room, each of which holds up to 15 people or so, and the lobby area for whatever you do.

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