Karaoke Room Price

$5.49 Per Hour Per Person

You pay $5.49 per hour for each person in your karaoke party room.

For example, if you have 3 people in your room and stay for 2 hours, you'll pay $32.94 plus sales tax. Because each person pays $5.49 per hour, your group pays $16.47 ($5.49 times 3) per hour. And your group stays for 2 hours. You pay $32.94 ($16.47 times 2) plus sales tax.

$21.96 Minimum Room Charge on Friday, Saturday and the Day before a Holiday.

You pay for four people even if your group has fewer than four people on Friday, Saturday and the day before a holiday. By the way, Sunday morning and the morning following the day before a holiday are still considered as Saturday and the day before a holiday, respectively.

For example, if you are alone or if your group has two or three people, you pay $21.96 per hour plus sales tax for the room on Friday, Saturday or the day before a holiday. That is, you pay more than $5.49 per hour person on Friday, Saturday or the day before a holiday even if your group has 3 people or fewer.

Big Group Special ($60.00 Per Hour) for a Group of 11 to 20

If your group has more than 11 people and no more than 20 people, you are qualified for our Big Group Special price as long as you use one room and pay the entire room charge with one payment. You need to tell us that you want to take advantage of this pricing for your group before or when your party begins. Once this pricing is applied, you pay $60.00 per hour plus sales tax for your group in one room even if your group has fewer than 11 people at any time during your party.

What if you have more than 20 people in one room? We will charge you $5.49 per hour for each extra person above 20 people. We strongly suggest you use two or more rooms if you have more than 20 people.

You Need Banquet Permit to Bring Alcoholic Drinks to SBK

Please obtain Banquet Permit if you are bringing alcoholic drinks to SBK. It is simple to get it. It is currently $11.00. You can get it online. We don't produce the permit.

You Can Apply for Banquet Permit Online at SBK

Because our karaoke rooms have a PC with internet connection, you can apply for banquet permit at SBK. After you receive the PDF fine, you’ll forward it to info@sbkaraoke.com. We’ll print it out for you at SBK. Read more about this.

You Can Bring Non-alcoholic Drinks and Food to SBK for Free

Please bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks freely to SBK. We don't have ice, utensils, cups, etc. Please bring them from your home, or you can get them at Alfi's Food & Deli, which is located in the same building as we are. They are open until 11 pm except Sunday.

Charged by the Hour

The first hour will be fully charged to you even if you do not stay for one hour. The room is charged by the hour. If you stay 5 minutes longer than N hours (N = 1, 2, 3, ...), you will be charged for N + 1 hours.

For example, if you stay for one hour and 20 minutes, you'll be charged for 2 hours.

Sales Tax

Sales tax is currently 9.6 percent and will be added to all of your purchases at SBK.

Cleaning and Replacement Charges

Extra fees may be charged to you for cleaning, repairing or replacing rooms, equipment, fixtures and furniture if they are damaged or extremely dirty due to your misuse.