Karaoke System Rental Packages

Our karaoke package is basically a combination of a PC based karaoke system and a professional sound system. All the songs and karaoke application are installed on a PC. You search, reserve and play your songs on the PC. The sound is controlled with a mixer. It's simple and easy. Most people master how to use it within a few minutes. We have never had customers who could not operate it, and we have delivered our karaoke systems more than 3,000 times since we began our karaoke delivery in December of 2001.

You Can Use It As Your Main PA System, Too

Because we use only professional sound equipment, our sound system can be used as your main PA system in your party as well as while you are doing karaoke. You'll get a connection cable to your sound source such as iPod, tablet or notebook computer. So you can play your favorite music while you're not doing karaoke. In fact, it is a perfect sound system for various parties.

You Can Keep It Overnight

It takes us up to one hour to set up our karaoke system. We typically set it up one or two hours before your party begins and teach you how to used it. Most people master it within a few minutes. Then we pick it up on the following day unless the system needs to be picked up right after the party.

PACKAGE 1 For a Home Party $195.00 a day
  • A PC system on which karaoke application and songs are installed.
  • Choose one language package from:
    • English song package with over 15000 songs.
      • More than 500 Latin songs are included in the English package.
    • Japanese song package, which contains over 12000 songs.
  • A mixer (Mackie, Behringer or Yamaha)
  • A powered speaker (Mackie or Behringer) with a speaker stand
  • 2 wired microphones
  • A connection cable to your music source (iPod, notebook computer, etc.) with which you can play your favorite music while you are not doing karaoke.
  • A monitor for the singers is not included in Package 1. We connect your TV, monitor or projector to our system for the singers.
  • If a TV, monitor or projector is not available in your party location, please order Package 2.

PACKAGE 2 For a Small Party Room $220.00 a day
  • Everything PACKAGE 1 includes.
  • A monitor on its stand for the singers. The monitor is essential when the singers stand on a stage or away from the PC and mixer with which you control the songs and sound.

PACKAGE 3 For a Larger Party Room $280.00 a day
  • Everything PACKAGE 2 includes.
  • One additional professional powered speaker with a speaker stand. Now you'll get two main speakers for the audience. This system can handle a large indoor party if you don't mind the singers can't hear themselves very well or enjoy listening to their own singing although your audience will enjoy the great sound.

PACKAGE 4 The Complete System $335.00 a day
  • Everything PACKAGE 3 includes.
  • One additional professional powered speaker as a stage monitor, which tremendously helps the singers to listen to themselves.
  • This system can handle a very large party, say 200 people or more, in a large room or outdoor.

OPTION 1 Extra Wired Microphone

$5.00 a day

  • You might need more than two microphones. You can add up to two extra microphones.

OPTION 2 Wireless Microphone

$30.00 a day

  • Great when your stage is large or when you plan to use the microphone in a large area.

OPTION 3 Microphone Stand $5.00 a day
OPTION 5 Second Language Package

$50.00 a day

  • When you need both English and Japanese song packages.

DELIVERY Free Delivery within or near Seattle FREE
  • Delivery is free for the area within 10 miles from SBK (1818 Minor Ave, Seattle, WA 98101). The distance is measured in the Driving Directions to your party location from SBK in Google Maps.

  • When your party location is between 10 miles and 15 miles from SBK.


  • When your party location is between 15 miles to 20 mile from SBK.


  • When your party location is between 20 miles to 25 mile from SBK.


  • When your party location is more than 25 mile from SBK.